SWEPSYM is a joint project of Floodplain Management Association and Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego

Sharing Knowledge About Extreme Precipitation
in the Southwest Region of North America

2019 Speaker Presentations Now Available!

Speaker presentations — abstract, slides (in PDF format), and audio — are now available.

Locate a specific presentation by speaker on the Speaker Presentations page or go directly to the 2019 SWEPSYM Proceedings page.

What is the purpose of SWEPSYM?

The purpose of the Southwest Extreme Precipitation Symposium (SWEPSYM) is:

  1. To focus attention on precipitation extremes in the Southwest region of North America,
  2. To share technical and scientific information and knowledge about the various factors responsible for producing extreme precipitation and the hydrologic processes responsible for generating runoff in semi-arid and arid areas,
  3. To advance our understanding of the causes of extreme precipitation with the hope of increasing the warning time in advance of extreme precipitation ranging from droughts to floods, and
  4. To exchange information on engineering, water management, flood control, agricultural, and other Southwest regional needs for information on extreme precipitation.


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Rain — $500+

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Balance Hydrologics, Inc.

Shower — $250+

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